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“Car 54…where are you?”

That’s what my mother-in-law always emails me when I haven’t been in touch for awhile.

Did you wonder where I went yesterday? Well, I said I would post everyday until I submitted my novel to an agent, and Thursday I technically did just that to complete my Writers Digest Bootcamp…so I thought I deserved a day off!

Not only that but I’ve got something going on with my wrist. It’s gotten progressively worse as the week has gone on, so that I’m actually typing this one-handed! Thank goodness I became rather ambidextrous while recovering from my broken arm. However, I still can’t write very well with my left hand, so I’m praying rest, ice, Advil, and Aspercreme does the trick and I don’t have to consult the big guns.

Besides, I have a newly printed manuscript, a new red pen, and about 14,000 words to lose! I hope to start doing line edits today. If it’s too much for my wrist, I’ll research agents instead. And if it gets too tiring typing left-handed, I’ll just read all day in the name of research & recovery!