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I was just reading through Julia Cameron’s, The Artist Way, the part where she talks about how she came to write the book, and found a paragraph which describes my creative M.O. perfectly…

Creative in spasms. Creative as an act of will and ego. Creative on behalf of others. Creative, yes, but in spurts, like blood from a severed carotid artery. A decade of writing and all I knew was how to make these headlong dashes and hurl myself, against all odds, at the wall of whatever I was writing.

It’s gotten better over the past couple years, especially the first year writing this blog, but I still need to work on a more balanced, spiritual, sustainable creativity.

Today was a good day. I took all that creative angst and contemplation from yesterday and did something about it…I wrote my Morning Pages, ate healthy, did some yoga, went to church, prepared for my Writers Digest course starting tomorrow, and found a new book to read. I just got up and started doing the things that I knew would make me feel better…as a person, as a writer.

Now, back to Julia Cameron.