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Tonight, I give you a description of what I look like when I write…thanks to Franny Choi and her post, Where I Write #25: The Wild Pendulum, as featured on, The Rumpus. Apparently Franny, you and I are very nearly twins because when you sketched yourself, you sketched a spitting image of me! I just don’t have the glasses…yet. But the rest is spot-on. It’s scary how much so. I mean, do all writers have smelly old hoodies, semi-fuzzy slippers, and that pair of college sweats they insist on wearing when they write? I guess so…


It’s going to be a bit sparse and bizarre on here as I get ready for vacation, so bear with me. I would say that getting ready for vacation at my new dream job is a breeze, except that I’m currently covering three positions! Add to that the fact that I managed to flood my washing machine and garage sink with backwash…don’t ask…and the home front has become just as treacherous!