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One of the intentions with my website is that it will have articles about places as seen through a writerly eye. So as we plan our upcoming trip to Kaua’i to celebrate my husband’s birthday, I’ve been researching literary sights. Other than the fact that some of Jurassic Park was filmed there…though that is not where the actual story from the novel is set…and a misquote from Mark Twain about the beauty of the island…a misquote because he never actually visited the island…I haven’t found much. But I’m not giving up yet. An appropriate subject matter will reveal itself

In the meantime, I have found the perfect mystery novel to read while I’m there…Torch Ginger by Toby Neal. It’s all set on Kaua’i and follows a female detective battling villains and internal demons…as all good detectives do whether they’re in tropical paradise or not.

There’s also a “Destination Mystery” Anthology that will be accepting submissions soon, which means it might just be my turn to write something set on Kaua’i.

These are my tropical thoughts for the day…