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Just finished watching The Empire Strikes Back…probably for the 1000th time in  my life…and I’ll be honest, if my husband had agreed to putting on Return of the Jedi I wouldn’t be getting a blog entry done tonight.

But he said it would be blasphemous to miss a blog post…since I never have. I wanted to…because the Dark Side is powerful…but here I am, resisting temptation.

I have nothing writerly to report, however. I attended a really love baby shower for my sister today. It rained. I ate too much. And, as I already mentioned, I watched The Empire Strikes Back for probably the 1000th time.

I guess my only writerly act was resisting the the Dark Side of the Force and showing up to write this blog. That doesn’t make me any sort of writing Jedi…but that’s all right, because the return of the Jedi isn’t scheduled until tomorrow night. I’ll be a Jedi again tomorrow.