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I’d say I got my second wind today, but in my case it’s more like my 854th wind…

I took my laptop into an empty conference room at lunch time (since my beloved library is closed until school is back in session) and tackled those letters. I’m not quite done with them, but the point is that the proverbial wind is back in my writerly sails. And I’m going to get all the names reviewed and revised this weekend too. (Have I ever told you all that I’m absolute rubbish at naming characters…? I think I have. But if not…absolute rubbish!)

My goal is that Sunday afternoon…or Monday, as my lunch outing…I will head to FedEx and get a new manuscript printed up and ready for line edits.

It must also be serendipity because I received an email just a couple days ago about a new Writer’s Digest course being put on by agents I’ve actually met at the Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference. It’s about how to craft a great query letter and synopsis. In fact, I just registered for it. Nothing like $199 out of pocket and not wanting to look bad to push me to finally get those things done.

I think it might all be getting done, finally…slowly but surely.