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Today was a good day. A busy day, but a good day.

I worked hard at my day job and made some progress in all the new tasks I’m learning. I did my 30 writerly minutes on my lunch break. I didn’t work on the book, but I wrote to a writer friend whom I’d admire, and received a very nice response back this very afternoon. I had dinner with a new friend…a delicious plate of pot roast and polenta with a glass of wine followed by tiramisu…perfect for a stormy night. Speaking of…we discovered the sump pump works! And has been working steadily throughout the day as the rain continues to come down.

Yesterday I didn’t just hold the presses because of “Downton Abbey.” I felt hollow again. Today I don’t. Tomorrow I might. I’m learning that life, for me at least, is a pendulum swinging back and forth between hope and despair. How can it not be, with the mix of good and bad that comes with life and life experience…? We can’t stop life…we can’t stop time…so, there’s no stopping the pendulum. I guess it’s all about holding on and using it all as material!