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Today’s been a mixed bag.

I woke up feeling so happy and full of hope…even had visions of Oxford dancing in my head…for whatever reason. But then I learned that one of the beloved dogs in our family had a tragic accident on New Year’s Day and had to be euthanized…or live the rest of his life on a ventilator. That’s not much of a choice. My heart is broken, especially for my family who had to spend the first day of 2016 losing a loved one.

I cried my tears and felt rather hollow all day, though I did take my husband to see the new Star Wars films since he had to miss it yesterday when the rest of us went. It made me happy to see how much he enjoyed it…how it brought him back the 11-year-old boy he was when he saw the first film in 1977.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to begin to purge oneself of the holiday weight accumulation when there’s still champagne and cheesecake in the house…and I keep having popcorn and Junior Mints for lunch.

I did get some writing in today. I worked through a few more letters. I was not as productive as the past few days, but it was still progress and I won’t scoff at it. In some ways, though I’ve enjoyed my mandatory winter break from work, I’ll be glad to get back. The structure of work days tends to help with my productivity levels.

Tomorrow is one last holiday hurrah in San Francisco with a dear friend. Going to see a play for a change…there won’t be popcorn and Junior Mints…but they did mention a pre-show Happy Hour. Oh dear…