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After far too many glasses of champagne and wonderfully inappropriate Christmas dinner conversations, writing a blog for anyone in the world to read is probably the last thing I should do right now. But a vow is a vow…

I feel blessed beyond belief…BBB, shall we call it? It has been a full, surprising, somehow nostalgic Christmas. This year there seemed to be more Christmas lights up, more polite people in long lines, more kindness and patience. I think it might be a reaction to all the scary, disturbing things going on in the world, near and afar…they make us cling to what we hold dear, like tradition, loved ones, our communities. If Christmas and Yule are about anything, they’re about being the light in the darkness.

And I’m pretty sure it’s not just the champagne talking when I say that these two days off from writing have me ready to dive back in tomorrow. BBB!