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I almost deviated from the current “red section” plan today, but in the end I stuck with it and worked for about an hour, while dinner cooked in the oven. I’m 185 pages in now and there are just a couple paragraphs and a couple ideas that still need addressing in those first 185 pages. Not bad. I was going to set a goal of being done by Wednesday, but I don’t want to jinx my progress with expectations.

Thought I’d share this recent post by The Writers’ Circle which accurately sums up where I’m at with my book…#2.


Must keep it short tonight. Remember how I was supposed to be exercising everyday as part of my 30-day challenge? Unfortunately, last Monday I overdid it and hurt my injured arm. I thought it was just overly sore, but it hasn’t gotten better as the week’s progressed, and this morning I woke up to it being quite swollen and a little warm. So I’m taking it easy today…ice, Advil, and lots of movies. You’d be amazed how many muscles in your arm typing uses!