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Tonight is rough.

Remember that easy, breezy new job of mine? Well, I suddenly find myself the last woman standing and, therefore, the one doing all the work until the new hires arrive sometime in the new year. And then I need to train them, on things I’ve barley learned myself! I’m still very happy in my new job and very glad I made the leap and I know this will pass…but right now it’s hard! And mentally tiring…

Tonight I find myself just wanting to zone out to loud music. I made dinner…and then dinner for tomorrow night. Now I’m sitting here with all my notes spread out in front of me and I can’t focus my eyes enough to read more than a line or two at a time. I’m also acutely aware that there are “only 9 sleeps left until Christmas,” and I haven’t sent a single Christmas card.

So what have I accomplished tonight? I suppose I determined that what I least want to do is what I need to do next. Throughout the manuscript little sections are highlighted red and little notes have been added (thanks to reading through the printed manuscript and going through that binder). Like it or not, these need to be dealt with. Until that’s done, there’s no point to any of the other steps. If I set my mind and energy (what’s left of them) to this task, it shouldn’t take too long. It just takes focus and emotional access. That’s what I’m worried about…

Wish me luck.