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These daily posts are working.

I’m exhausted…in fact, right now all I want to do is curl up in bed or have a big cup of coffee…and the last thing I wanted to do was think about my book and try to be a successful writer. But knowing I had to report in to all of you forced me to sit down at the kitchen table and put in 45 minutes of good work.

I mentioned “the binder” yesterday. This refers to the repository of all my timelines, research, individual chapter notes, every thought, idea, question I’ve had for the past three years as I’ve written the book. It’s been my bible, but it’s also a rabbit’s hole. Tonight I ventured in, read every scrap, crossed off & filed what I was done with, and took what I still needed. Which is now in a neat, slim yellow folder. I’ve been dreading this for so long and in 45 minutes I was done. Thanks to all of you!

Not entirely sure what the next step is. That’s because there’s about a half dozen different directions I can go in and I need to prioritize so I can start tackling them. I think that’s what tomorrow will be all about.