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Today was the Holiday Fête (as we dubbed it) at work. That sounds fun, doesn’t it? But for me and the other person organizing it, it was more a feat of organization…catering and cookie exchange and decorating and an ornament exchange. While it warmed my heart to see everyone laughing, listening to carols, and enjoying my menu selection, I’m very much looking forward to a regular day at work where I can actually get through some….well, work!

Ah, the holidays. Part of the what drove me back onto this ship. I love them, but they can take over all your time, all your money, and all your energy if you’re not careful.

I’m here to report that I have put in my thirty minutes tonight. Oh, what does that mean? Well, I’ve given myself a 30-day challenge…meaning, I made a list of the things that are often hard to do but really do make me a happier person, and I’m trying to do them everyday for 30 days. They are:

  • Exercise
  • Keep a food diary (as opposed to that frightful word, “Diet”)
  • Get up early and write my Morning Pages
  • Write my blog post
  • Pray

And, of course…

  • Work on my writing career…for at least 30 solid minutes a day

I mentioned that I finished the in-depth revision of my novel, but there are still odds & ends to address. For example, I have a printed copy of my manuscript that I read through earlier this year and into which I jotted all kinds of brilliant ideas and suggestions, at the time. So even though I finished the revision, I felt compelled to go through the printed manuscript and look at my notes…either noting in the electronic document to incorporate them or just discarding them. This is now done!

Tomorrow, I tackle the binder!…another repository of ideas. More to come on that…