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That’s it…in the dark of this winter evening, I’ve run down to the pier, scrambled onto the ship with my motley crew, and cast away. Anchors aweigh and we’re escaping!

Of course, escaping makes it sound like I’m running away from something. That’s not it at all. I’m running towards something.

I’m excruciatingly close to getting my book sent off to agents…finally, after all these years…but I find that it’s so easy to get distracted…by work, relationships, the holidays, anything and everything. I find I’m lacking in progress, action, and a sense of direction. It’s no surprise then that I’ve been daydreaming about “this old ship” and days on the high seas…of living as a writer everyday, no matter what else is thrown my way.

So I’m making a new commitment. I will once again be posting everyday until my book is on its way out to agents. The posts will not be long, but they will be made everyday before midnight, just like before, and they will report what action I have taken, no matter how small, towards my goals.

You see, you’re my motley crew, and apparently I need you to keep me on track, headed in the right direction, making progress. You got me here…I know you’ll get me to my next port of call…where hopefully awaits an agent!

So hoist the sails and let’s slip out of this harbor while the sky is black and no one’s the wiser…