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I mentioned in my last post how muddled I’ve felt creatively. Pulled a dozen (wonderful) different ways, I feel like I can’t think straight or even make the next necessary step. It’s not that I can’t physically sit down at my computer and bring up my synopsis, or website, or bio, but my brain can’t be still long enough for me to know what I want to write, or to take the necessary emotional plunge into myself to give quality to what words I do eke out. It’s not a time issue, its a focus issue.

So I’m grateful that I’ll soon be getting out of town…out of the entire state, for that matter. More often than not, travel is just what I need to focus. Perhaps because it focuses all my senses. And the act of seeing / feeling / experiencing the outward world in a new way is mirrored on what I find inside myself, as well. And perhaps also because when we travel away from home, we are removed from all those petty distractions / routines / obligations and only remember of home, and ourselves, what is most important…that we carry with us wherever we go…and that is what any honest creation should be made of.

The trick is to capture this perspective when it comes…so I will be ready, with laptop & notebook, an open mind, and all senses cued on.