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Only two days left onboard! I’ve been getting the kindest messages and emails…mostly from my dear family and friends…saying how much they’ll miss hearing from me everyday, one even saying I should turn the ship around, head back out to sea, and do it for another year! That made me smile, and was half-tempting, but the more we drift offshore the more I’m looking forward to feeling land under my feet again.

So tonight as I stand at the prow, looking at the twinkling lights on land, I have to list the two things I won’t miss about doing this blog…

  1. Sitting at the kitchen table staring at the white and blue WordPress template for way too long (like I have tonight), feeling like a complete loser because I have nothing really writerly to report.
  2. Falling asleep all cozy in my armchair on a weeknight while my husband and I watch TV, only to wake up at 10:45 and remember with a start that I haven’t done my blog yet.

I just had to say those things aloud so I wouldn’t succumb to temptation…you Sirens of the deep!