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Taking a final midnight stroll around the deck of the ship. After all, it’s midnight somewhere in the world. In fact, if I had sailed this ship up the Thames to London it would be about midnight there right now.

I will miss this blog, even being forced to sit down everyday and write something…even when I didn’t want to…even when it was close to midnight here and I was pressed for time. So like a loving hand passing over the polished bulwark and worn handles of the ship’s wheel, I thought I would take a wander through the blog and list my three favorite posts, in no particular order…

  1. Moving down the slipway… I love this post for three reasons. First, it was early on in this journey, when every post was so considered and agonized over…every word mattered as I was still making my first impressions. Second, it was when I fully embraced the ship metaphor, used lightly to launch the blog in its first post on September 9th. And finally, it was back when I was really into proper photography…not just Instagram.
  2. A gathering of souls… It’s nice that one of the most viewed posts is also one of my favorite. I love this post because in it I was able to honor some of my favorite things…fellow artists, in the form of Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra…Autumn Equinox…community, on so many levels…and good writing.
  3. The things that live in our heads… This was the first post in which I let my guard down. I let myself wallow in mood, romance, nostalgia, that longing that pervades so much of my life…and I didn’t care who saw. It was the first time I felt free and empowered in my blog, as my space.

Hard to pick just three! I should have done this the first night we dropped anchor. I love so much of this ship…it feels like home.