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I worked as a photography assistant on my husband’s first pregnancy shoot for the hottest five hours of the day today. Now we’ve stuffed ourselves with burritos and there is Hagen Dazs waiting for later. But right now, it’s time to assess the ship’s cargo.

In other words, we’ve traveled all this way…what have we arrived with? We’ve collected stories and experiences, and shared them with all. So what were the four most viewed posts? Let’s countdown this time…

4.  A gathering of souls… Or my review of the neighbors’ Autumn Equinox bash with 61 views. That was the night Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra filled the air with magic.

3.   My kind of party… Or my very first proper post ever with 75 views. And it was a good one, even I have to admit. I covered my former professor’s book reading at City Light Books in San Francisco.

2.   Convoluted fracture… Or the day I broke my arm with 140 views. In fact, almost every day since that happened someone views that post. My theory on this? Everyday some poor soul suffers a convoluted fracture and is trying to figure out what the hell it means!

1.   …the writer, the journey… Or my About page with 171 views. Which is quite flattering that 171 people wanted to know a little bit more about me. It’s not really a post but aside from the home page, it was the most click on link.