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We’ve reached the harbor, dropped anchor, and sent a small party ashore just to let them know we’re here, though we won’t disembark for awhile yet.

I’ve been thinking about the future…what comes next. Looking too far ahead is overwhelming, so I’m going to look ahead just a couple months. What are my immediate plans? I think it would be a good idea to have some so I’m not aimless, which is always a risk after you reach a goal.

So, six plans for the near future…

  1. Lose ten pounds… A couple years ago I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. I’ve done a good job ignoring that diagnosis, but recently, as I’ve felt my health being taking for granted, I realized that I need to take better care of this body. Especially if I want to meet those long term goals I have…writing and non-writing alike. Time to get healthy again…and not get diabetes.
  2. Finish my novel… That goes without saying. I wanted to have this revision done by the end of summer. That’s in 21 days. I’m still aiming for that. Then there will be a couple quick read throughs for names and chapter lengths, and then a synopsis to write. I will considered the novel really done when I’ve sent it off to agents. That should be in two months.
  3. Start a new blog… I said I’ve been thinking about it, and I have. There’s an idea there that needs a bit more consideration and fleshing out, but there’s definitely an idea there I want to pursue and have fun with. I hope you’ll all hang out until I get it sorted and launched.
  4. Learn my job… I have to remember that I’m still learning my new job, and it takes a lot of mental, sometimes even physical, energy. It’ll also probably take a full year before I truly know everything I’m supposed to do. I have to remember to devote energy and time and patience to learning this still-new job I wanted so much.
  5. Submit something… I really liked what this blog “forced me” to do. I’d hate to give up that initiative, just because the blog’s over. I’d like to continue practicing what it taught me, which is to keep doing writerly things…submitting, attending meetings, networking, hosting writing groups…essentially, to keep being a writer everyday. I can’t make plans to do all those things right now (though some are already calendared in the coming months), but I can commit to submitting something.
  6. Finish the remodel… I don’t even mean the whole house, just what we started way back in March. I want my blue room back. I want my closet back. I want to sleep in my new master bedroom. I want a space that feels more like a home and less like a construction zone. I think this could be conducive to writing. Just a crazy guess…

The dinghy is returning to the ship. Let’s see what these landlubbers are like…