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Now I’m not a sailor but I’m fairly certain if a ship were still seven days from its destination, it would not have sighted land yet. Still, I said we’d sighted land in yesterday’s post, so let’s stick with the fantasy and pretend we’re cruising into the harbor…slowly. Maybe we’ll even drop anchor just off shore for awhile…quarantine, party, prepare the cargo, that sort of stuff.

As the end of this journey nears I want to give it the thought and weight it deserves. In seven days I’m not going to disappear…I might even continue daily posts for awhile (no promises!)…but the formal year, the “commitment” will have been completed. And so for these next seven days I thought I would reflect on quantitative aspects of this journey.

I’ll start with seven things I learned by doing this blog over this past year:

  1. For magic to happen…in life, in writing, in anything…you don’t have to know how it will look or when it will happen, you just have to believe and do the leg work. And when you don’t believe, that’s okay too. Someone else can believe for you. But you still show up and do the leg work…and the magic will happen.
  2. People are kind and caring. They want you to succeed. They want to celebrate you and support you…even when you feel like you don’t deserve it. People are there for you and it’s important to let them be…and appreciate them.
  3. There’s no hiding from moms and best friends…you can’t get anything past them and often they know you better than you know yourself. Listen to them.
  4. On long journeys, of any kind, self-care and self-forgiveness are key. You’re no good to anyone or anything if you berate and beat yourself into exhaustion and self-loathing. Give yourself a break. Do nothing sometimes. Both are essential to overall progress.
  5. Fear of losing face is a great motivator. I’m not saying this is right, and this fact should be tempered by #4, but there were many times I did not want to continue this journey…couldn’t imagine how I would do this for 365 days!…but the fear of losing face in front of everyone I told I was doing this kept me going when nothing else would. In other words, if you can’t commit to yourself, commit to someone else…everyone else…and it might help.
  6. A year is a long time. That may seem obvious but everyday I marvel how quickly life goes by. I look at a photograph I took three years ago and could swear I took it three weeks ago. But when you’re really present through time and are accountable to it, it’s there for you back. You really can slow down time, like Superman.
  7. Choose your commitments and goals wisely. You may be able to slow time down but you still have a limited amount…and a limited amount of energy. Know where you’re trying to go and try not to get off course too often or too much. Side-trips are fine but a clear course and focus are essential to reaching your most prized goal.