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I’m proud of myself. Despite a busy day in which I couldn’t get to the cafe this morning and won’t get home until late tonight, I made sure to sit myself down in front of my building at work on a break, and then in the library for a few minutes at lunch, and plug away at the novel. Sometimes I feel like it will never be done. Other times I feel like it’s getting done exactly when it needs to. Either way, I know this for sure…the more I work on it and think of myself as a writer and surround myself with writers I admire and do writerly things, the more I want to work on it.

Now, in the few moment’s before I meet a friend for a dinner date I’m going to think about what to do with this blog…on this journey…a sailing ship which has spotted land at long last…on it’s last week of posts.

I actually just felt a flutter of sadness at that thought…