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I’m on my second episode of Inspector Lewis…lunches are made…laundry is done…and the entire house is clean. I’ve spent the day starting to dig myself out of the pit I feel like I’m in…especially on the home front. Today I think I got a foothold. During all that cleaning I also thought about what my days will look like when this blog is done. Everyday, for the past year, I’ve spent thirty minutes to two hours, sometimes, writing this blog. And it’s done wonders for my life and writing. Now, what if I devoted that time to our home for the next year? Imagine the progress I would make. Well, it’s an idea…and one I’m giving serious consideration.

Getting my surroundings in order always helps put my head in order. So, I’d have to say it’s been a good Sunday. I feel better prepared to dive into another week of work, writing, and schemes!