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I attended my first employee event at the Junior College…the annual Harvey Hansen BBQ, which highlights new people. It was up at the college’s farm, where they do all their viticulture, equine, and agriculture classes. So beautiful…being nestled in the vineyards, having animals around, watching the almost full moon rise. And the barbecue, company, and home-grown wine was pretty great too.


Today I started Bird by Bird, written by Anne Lamott. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read anything by Lamott. But my sister-in-law brought me this book and said, “I couldn’t stop thinking of you when I read it.” Naturally, I’m intrigued. Today I finished the Introduction on a break. The lines that stuck out for me the most were about her father, who was a full-time writer…

…the idea of spending entire days in someone else’s office doing someone else’s work didn’t suit my father’s soul. I think it would have killed him.