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Not sure if any of you have ever watched “This ‘N’ that with Rusty” on MadTV, but I feel a bit like him today. And I feel like talking about a little of this and a little of that.


Does self-care count as a writerly task? I think so. I’ve been remiss at it…especially in the fitness area…and my eyebrows…oh, and my hair and nails. I’m not a particularly vain person but I think it goes without saying that taking care of yourself on the outside, helps the person on the inside. To be cliche, the body is a vessel…the vessel of a creative soul that needs to be strong and pampered. I haven’t actually done any self-care today, but I’m recognizing that I desperately need to!

Tomorrow night is a full moon. Full moons are the time for the culmination of projects and plans. I wish I could report that I have a personal project that will culminate tomorrow. Maybe next full moon, which will also be the Harvest Moon!

I read the following poem tonight and it made me think of all the amazing women in my life…friends and family members. Sending this out to them tonight, in case any of them are also feeling like Rusty…

She was powerful,
not because she wasn’t scared
but because she went on so strongly,
despite the fear.

~ atticus