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My husband and I just coordinated our calendars. We’re not the type of couple that doesn’t see each often or has to “pencil” each other in. In fact, we spend most evenings at home with each other for company, and often do something together on the weekends. That said, we also have a lot of commitments and a lot of plans. I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed as I look ahead into next month with jam packed weekends and many busy week nights. But, as a writer, I’m proud that many of the events filling my calendar are writing, or at least, creative-related.

They include…

      • A Titanic themed tea party…to study Edwardian customs, of course
      • Watching the All Soul’s Con in the comfort of my living room
      • Getting the Keys together
      • Being my husband’s photography assistant in Monterey for a weekend
      • Being a photography assistant for a pregnancy shoot…apparently, “photography assistant” is a new sub-career I’m fostering
      • A Sisters in Crime meeting in San Francisco
      • Attending one of Gigi Pandian’s readings
      • Attending another reading at Copperfield’s with pre-reading cocktails…right up my alley!

And that’s just through the end of September!

So while, looking ahead is a tad overwhelming, I’m also looking forward to welcoming in my favorite season…a very creative season for me…with a full creative schedule. It’ll also give me lots of fodder for my new blog idea. And I’ll finish the book somewhere in there too.