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Once again we are approaching my absolute favorite season. It’s still a little under a month away, but I’m already bathing in pumpkin spice shower gel and scouting my favorite stores for decorations and planning parties!

I have come to love summer…and kind of like spring…but I absolutely come to life in autumn and winter. Not only do I want to cook and nest, but I want to be with the people who I love and who inspire me. That, of course, includes the Keys!

Our last meeting was a proper writing group meeting. We read each other’s work prior, came prepared, ate and visited, but also spoke at length about the submissions and each others work. We agreed we had to do it again soon and I offered to host, knowing that the fall weather would make me eager to have a get together. Tonight I messaged all the Keys and got the ball rolling…we’ve set a date. It’s not quite in fall, but it’s in September and, hard as it is to believe, it will be two days after the end of this blog journey!

I’d like to say right now, in case I haven’t made it clear: I am not going away. The ship may reach its destination…but I look at what this blog, this commitment, this personal journey has done for me and I know I can’t just be done. But it will change. I will keep you all apprised of how and when that happens.