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Truth be told, I got up this morning and was none too pleased with myself. I won’t repeat the things I said to myself because some people might try to defend “myself.” But those things needed to be said.

And truth be told, I went on to do some good things for my creative self. I wrote my Morning Pages. I deleted lots of time-wasting apps off my phone…mostly social media and games. I sat with my coffee and read through Copperfield’s Books upcoming literary events and invited a fellow writer to one. I cleaned off and revamped my laptop desktop to make it more inspiring. I researched organizational methods for…well, research. And I also started revising some poetry…of all things…to submit for the Redwood Writers 2016 Poetry Anthology. I’m no poet, but back in the day I wrote some decent poems and they deserve a home too.

Outside of the creative world, but closely related, my husband and I started to come up with a plan to finally get our remodel done. Both of us would rather sit at our laptops, or our respective cameras and books, but we also need a real home where we can retreat to and be creative, not just live and survive.

So truth be told, I may have been hard on myself this morning but I think that tough love was exactly what I needed.