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Sometimes it’s hard to tell if something is an opportunity or a temptation. I try never to say “no” to writerly opportunities; however, I also recently ruminated on how I’m trying to stay focused on my novel, to exclude even good distractions like writing contests.

A former co-worker contacted me a few weeks ago about a possible writing assignment—a biographical piece on someone nearing the end of their life. I’ve debated and delayed, but today I finally emailed the caregiver and told her to give me a call so I could get a better idea of the scope of the project and decide if I’m a good fit for it or not. I made this decision because, in my heart, I believe that experiences and people come to us for a reason. The thought of using me on this project came from someone whom I haven’t spoken to for years. I like to think there’s a reason why.

The moral of the story, assume opportunity and see what happens.