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As I told everyone, I knew when I reached chapter twelve in my novel revision it would start to flow. And so it did. What I didn’t entirely expect, but happened for the firs time tonight, was that when I was down or wayward I would actually seek out my novel for distraction and comfort. I can’t express how momentous this is…considering how long I’ve avoided the manuscript! Of course, now I pause and think, “Well, maybe I should go back and finish addressing all those flagged spots before I push on?” You know…little details I need to insure match earlier mentions, names that still need to be changed, paragraphs that I had skipped. Those flags are bothering me…but I think it might be self-sabotage to go back now, just when I’m finding the flow and making friends with my novel again.


So it’s late night Chopin, coffee, chocolates, and pushing on with my new friend.