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It was a 100 degrees outside today, but I didn’t let that slow me down…except for that two-hour period when I drank a small glass of wine and passed out on the couch during an episode of Inspector Lewis. But really today has been all about preparation. Tomorrow the fall semester starts at the college and I’ve been warned by faculty and staff alike, “Brace yourself!”

So, before it got too hot this morning, I went for a long walk which took me over to the cathedral where I asked the Creator not to abandon this artist child during this crazy week. Then I pushed on, trying to set my creative self up for success as much as possible. Now, the lunches are made, the coffee is prepped, my laundry is done, the alarm is set, and, most importantly, I’ve got my writing and workout plan for the week. I’m going to get up at 5:30, do my Morning Pages, do ten minutes of kickboxing, get ready for work, and then head to the Bear’s Den, as our campus cafe is called, for coffee and writing time.

All I can do now is eat some watermelon, watch some Sunday night Agatha Christie, and say, “Bring fall semester on!”