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I got up this morning, dodged going to the beach…which was probably crazy, considering it’s 97 degrees outside right now…and started working on my revision. The things that stump our creative progress would almost baffle me if I didn’t know from experience that we are so full of uncertainty and fear that we’ll let almost anything become a barrier. But then the real writers finds a way around those barriers, and fast. Today I tried to be a real writer, and I made some progress.

I also set my browser homepage to the Sisters in Crime Northern California webpage, fully committing. I’m looking forward to our September meeting in San Francisco, where we’ll talk about how to develop our overall image.


…I just read in my Stats that I have posted 339 times. I know I’ve talked about it before but I can’t believe that I’ve stuck with this journey…that’s it’s been that long…and that I only have 26 posts left. Soon this ship will reach its destination. Where or what that is, in its entirety, remains to be seen.

…And, as promised, my husband’s shots from our photo shoot last night came out far better than my quick pic. He’s an amazing photographer, inspirational in his dedication…not just to the making art part but his commitment to researching, improving, marketing, doing it all…the hours he puts in, the way he outmaneuvers his own creative barriers. I love that we are a creative household and that even though he’s a photographer and I’m a writer, I learn from him. Definitely, marveling at and appreciating that today.

If you want to see how those photos came out…as well as the stunning shots he took last weekend during which my dear friend revealed she was secretly a supermodel and when I worked as makeup artists and lighting assistant, check out his website…click on Galleries and then Face.