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A quick check-in as I’m playing model!…British, 60’s, pop model, specifically…to help my husband with his photography.

British Pop Model

His photos will be far better but I so loved the hat and eye makeup I had to sneak a shot in too.

I’m ready to dive back into the book this weekend in anticipation of the start of fall semester on Monday. How does that relate? Well, I did say I would finish this book by the end of summer. Also, the start of the fall semester means I will be getting to work early and sitting at the cafe in the mornings rather than fighting students for parking spots. I should be able to get in half an hour of writing before work which will keep me motivated to keep going through my breaks and lunch. Then should I choose to collapse after work…and based on what everyone keeps telling me about how intense the first weeks of school are, I might…I won’t have to feel guilty.

I had a truly inspiring day at work today and I had wanted to report on it, but I left a critical piece of paper relevant to that inspiration on my desk. It will have to wait for Monday. Suffice to say that my passion for school and autumn are being whipped up into a frenzy. I’m working hard, sometimes I barely breathe, but I’m feeling inspired by the work rather than pulled down, which makes a huge difference.