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I’ve had a good run of late, but these past couple weeks I feel that I haven’t done much right. So I’m glad tomorrow is a New Moon…that at least I’ve lost a couple pounds, if I’ve accomplished nothing else…and that I came upon this poem by Christopher Poindexter…

waking up
bare feet hitting
the crystal floor
i have two
as i always do;
i can focus on all
that i am
human and blossoming into
something necessary
and luminous
i can focus on all
that i am not
which the list goes
on and on
things i wish i were.

it is all up to me.
the choice is always

i, am treasure.

My tendency right now would be to beat myself up…for not doing more writerly things, not reporting them, not working on my book, not writing people back. But, as our poet friend, Christopher Poindexter urges us, focus on the good…remember the treasures that we are despite the long list of things we can find wrong about ourselves.

I mentioned the New Moon. Tomorrow I will get up early and get back to my Morning Pages. I’d like to withdraw into myself, not in a hermetic way, but in a way of getting focused on my goals and being true to myself…to the treasure that I am.