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As I write this I’m listening to one of the Spotify playlists that Deborah Harkness created based on the different characters in her All Souls Trilogy…and that’s no easy task for me as I usually can’t write and listen to singing at the same time. But this is appropriate as today I registered to watch the livestream of the All Souls Con happening at the L.A. Sofitel in September.

I love Deborah Harkness’ books and characters, and my wonderful husband encouraged me to fly down and back to L.A. for the day to attend the conference if I really felt like it. I might have if I’d found another friend who wanted to blow $500 on a whim. The truth is, I feel much more comfortable watching the “lunacy,” as my sister-in-law calls it, and making “vampire food” in the private of my own home. I wouldn’t mind being around such fervent fans, but I’m not equal to them…even though I long for them for myself. Still it’s fun to indulge in the make believe worlds we’d sometimes prefer over our own…even when they include vampires, daemons, and witches..well, especially then.

Now I’m going to have some fun reviewing all the perks that come with registration…like 10% off of Mariage Frères Tea from Market Hall Foods in Oakland where you can buy the same tea that Diana drank as she pondered what to do with a moody vampire and a missing manuscript.