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I looked at my novel this morning…I thought about my blog too…and went for a long walk. But in the end, my creativity took a different form. Instead of being a writer I got to be a makeup artist and photography assistant…and I had so much fun.

My husband and I took a dear friend up to one of our gorgeous State parks and did a four-hour photo shoot of her. She looked amazing…supermodel amazing…and I had such a great time running around with hairbrushes and light reflectors and tissues and light meters, while also helping to think of poses and bring the “model” and photographer (my husband) water. As my husband said when we all drove home, exhausted from the sun and sweat and dirt of the day, a good photograph is a collaborative effort.

I can’t say why my creativity is seeking out and enjoying different outlets. But it’s true that I have been pretty diligent the past few months in writing on all my breaks and lunches, and through the weekends. Perhaps I just need a break…even though I can’t really afford to take one, time wise. But when the well is dry, the artist child doesn’t tend to lean over the edge and look longingly into the deep. It wants to play, try new things, and wander a bit, while the well refills. Maybe that’s what I’m doing.