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My head has been in a vice the last couple days…not helped by the promotion I so wanted but has me forgetting to breathe at work, and my kitty’s continued weight loss resulting in unsettling trips to the vet.

Last night’s meeting of the Keys was fulfilling…and not just of baked ziti, red wine, and strawberry shortcake. It was rewarding to prepare for the writing group and then to see my literary friends. We caught up on each other’s lives and writing ambitions. Unfortunately, one of us was missing. As such, we decided not to let another seven months pass between meetings and to reconvene soon. I’ll be trying to organize that for September.

But even with the preparation for and attendance at the writing group, I feel like my creativity has been neglected the past week. There’s not much I can do with it tonight, but after laying on my bed with my kitty, not thinking about anything, the vice around my head has eased up a bit. All I can do right now is drink champagne, eat Ghiradelli brownies, and watch endless episodes of Inspector Lewis to continue my recovery so that I may enjoy a creative weekend.