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There’s something irresistible about an extra-fine, felt-tipped red pen for editing and commenting on fellow writers’ stories. It did cross my mind that the red color might be perceived as punitive, but I was only thinking of ripe red cherries and floating red balloons and red hot salsa and equally red hot dresses and racy red Ferraris. Red is a color of life and daring…and writers see beyond the stagnant preconceptions. At least I hope the Keys do.

There’s also something fulfilling about reading and commenting on your fellow writers’ stories. You learn just as much as you share. Just as you feel redeemed, using your craft to help someone else, you see the possibilities of language and individual creativity while traversing someone else’s creation.

I’m all ready for the Key’s writing group meeting tomorrow night. Well, except for deciding what I’ll else I’ll bring to add to the merriment. After all, you can’t drink or eat an extra-fine, felt-tipped red pen. But you can drink red wine and eat red velvet cake…