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Recently, one of my faithful (and beloved) followers told me my posts are getting shorter. It wasn’t meant as a criticism, but I took umbrage to the remark. True, I don’t write the compositions I used to in the beginning, when I was stagestruck and trying to make a good impression. I’ve settled into myself as a blogger and into the purpose of this journey. However, I still write some decent length posts.

Of course, you wouldn’t know that by the length of tonight’s post.

Today, there just feels like there aren’t nearly enough hours in the day…for reading, revising, note-taking, correspondences, AND this blog…not to mention all the non-writerly tasks that must be done, as well. I think what’s happened as this year has progressed is that I have started doing more writerly things, rather than talking…or writing…about doing writerly things.

So I’m just stopping by to say I’ve been at it all day, and short is a good sign…which I’m sure that faithful (and beloved) follower meant.