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It’s been a full day…getting the car washed, running errands, going to the fair. But I’ve spent the evening watching the film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire…did you know she wrote the screenplay and the film still holds up?…and getting ready for tomorrow’s Survival Skills Clinic with the Sisters in Crime. I’ve got my outdoor outfit ready, tick repellant and sunblock in my backpack, food and water waiting in the fridge, and my notepad and pen sitting by my keys. Excited…and a tad nervous. Grateful that I’ll have company on the drive down and back as my mother and sister-in-law are going with me to explore Saratoga while I literally survive the day. When they drop me off, I’ll know nothing. When they pick me up, I’ll know how to make fire from friction, find water in the woods, build a makeshift shelter, forage for food, and who knows what else. Better yet…my characters will know all this too!