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Today my writerly task was…to get published and celebrate!

It’s official..as of 2:30 this afternoon I’m a published writer.

I’m so proud to be one of the writers in Black Fox Literary Magazine’s beautiful summer issue. It’s free to read online or you can order printed copies. For those of you who would finally like to read something from me other than these endless blog posts, here is the link the issue…


And what’s my reaction to all this? Extreme jubilant excitement…and a new sense of exposure. I can now, on some level, understand how a playwright feels, standing in the wings, waiting for the audience’s reaction. My work is out there. People are reading it and forming opinions. Maybe getting published was the easy part…?

But I’m not really worried. I’m so glad that one of my stories has taken flight! And thanks to the best husband and partner-in-crime, I’m going to keep celebrating in style tonight…and start reading everything else in there!