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Another day living as a writer and loving it. I almost titled yesterday’s post, “I could do this everyday…” I could say the same about today.

I found a nice rhythm this morning. First a little reading while I drank my morning coffee (and cappuccino chaser), just to ease into the day and get me warmed up.

Owl book

Then I pulled up the manuscript and wrote for 15-20 minutes. Then I stopped and tidied the dining room and put away some things. Then I wrote for 10-15 minutes. Then made breakfast and talked to my husband. Then wrote for another 15-20 minutes. Then I did half the dishes…wrote again…the other half of the dishes…wrote again…figured out the grocery list…wrote again. This back and forth allowed me to feel like I was making progress on all fronts in life. It also let me use little bursts of creativity and then let those creative batteries recharge to full strength. Stepping away from the manuscript always allows me to see it more clearly. I’m going to try it again tomorrow…in between stripping a door.

In the meantime I’m getting more comfortable with Twitter. If you’re a Twitterer (as I like to now think of myself) you can check out my progress here or click on the link at the bottom of the page. Be forewarned, it’s all about writing on there! Gotta build the platform…because “if you build it, they will come.” I also picked out the next short story I want to work on and find a good home for. I did it once…let’s see if I can do it again.