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I’m still feeling quite the empowered, energized writer today. In fact, it’s difficult to report on one writerly task when I feel like I’ve touched on so many…networking, planning, writing, blogging, researching, character development…with more swirling around in my head…but I will try. I will report on two which I think best capture this empowered, energized feeling.

I kept a post-it on my desk all day jotting down a steady stream of things I want to do and accomplish…tonight, this week, in the near future. Some of them were writing-related, but many were just things I want to accomplish to make me feel good about myself…another triathlon, a new blog, working through that stack of household paperwork, thank you notes, cooking more. It’s amazing how feeling good in one area of your life spreads to others. We are complex creatures, as reflected on my hot pink post-it which has followed me home.

I also started researching how to add Instagram and Twitter links to my blog. I’ll explain why this is momentous. When I started this blog I didn’t expect that anyone but me, close family, and friends would be reading it. Now I have 200 lovely followers! As a blogger I have an audience.  Soon one of my short stories will be published and as a writer I will have an audience. The fact is, I have become a woman with audience!…and I’m ready to embrace it, to feel worthy of it, to honor it, and to prepare for it.

In the words of The Boss…

Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.

~ Bruce Springsteen