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I’m excited to report that this morning I signed my first contract to have my very first short story published. Black Fox Literary Magazine will be featuring my story, “French Lessons,” in their summer issue! I knew this was in the works but didn’t want to say anything until the contract was signed. I’m cautious and superstitious that way.

Today was a writerly rite of passage for me and believe it or not, it has me a bit tongue-tied. I’ll start by saying that I’m so happy to find a home for one of my creations…and it energizes me to work harder, to submit more, to get the book done, to be better at this blog…to be better, in general.

Life didn’t change when I signed the contract…I still went to work, then did the grocery shopping, then fed the cats. There wasn’t even a glass of champagne to celebrate this evening. But something inside did shift, just a bit. All day I was able to let frustrations roll off me. “I’m a writer. A real writer. You can’t touch me,” I kept thinking. My back was straighter, my shoulders more square, my attitude just a little more cavalier towards all the crap and mundanity that kills the creative spirit.

And I’ll end by saying that I attribute this small victory to this blog…to living as a writer everyday no matter what everyday life looks like…to the divinity and surrender that inspired me to make this leap and commitment for this year.