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I’m sitting in the living room with my husband and our family who is visiting. I just said to them, “What the hell am I going to write about tonight on my blog?”

These are the answers I got: tequila, bouncy houses, taco trucks, “junk,” Hemingway, more tequila, cupcakes. They were teasing me, and I certainly can’t write about any of this, but had to mention it because it alludes to an interesting day.

I’m afraid that today my writerly task has to be that I’ve shown up to this blog…after margaritas during girl time…with the Tour de France blaring in the background, and a three pound (at least that’s the way it feels) cupcake calling me from the kitchen…with a three year old reading beside me and a three month old looking at me with big blue, wise eyes. With all these distractions, I got out my laptop, pulled up my blog, said I’m a writer, and sat here and wrote my blog.

Now I’m making coffee and eating my cupcake.