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Even though I’ve been at work all day, the cook in me is satisfied knowing that I slow-cooked a pork shoulder rubbed in spices and set on a bed of chopped onions in the crockpot. Then came the shredding, the lime & cilantro, and the little street tacos. Sated…both as a cook and diner.

Now I have a whole kitchen to deep clean in preparation for company coming this weekend…whom we are also using as an excuse to do very late spring cleaning.

But before I dive back into that I’m pleased to announce that I’ve already leapt into my new sisterhood of writers (which includes men) with gusto. The next meeting happens to be a Survival Skills Class taught for an entire day about two hours from where I live. It’ll be a long roundtrip drive, and the course costs a fee (but was heavily discounted for us), and I have no idea what me and my recently recuperated arm are getting ourselves into, but I figured Elle and I could use it. Of course, as I shared with Gigi Pandian when I told her I was debating going, I can hear my heroine saying, “Well, considering I’ve survived the Egyptian khamaseen sandstorms and killed deathstalker scorpions in my sleep, I’m probably good. But I suspect you could use it.” She forgets…everything she knows she learned from me and if she wants to continue to survive those exotic adventures of hers, I  could definitely use a class on survival skills!

So the check’s in the mail for the fee and I’m in the kitchen cleaning.