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My blog says I have one month left. I don’t consider that very accurate…it’s more like a little under two months.

Why I am I thinking about this? Because I think I’m ready for the daily post to be over.

Completing this year, this personal challenge to be accountable…to be a writer every day…will be one of the accomplishments that I will always be most proud of. And I will miss hearing my husband say every night as we go to bed, “Did you do your blog?” At the same time, I feel myself running out of steam…out of interesting things to report. The reason? It’s not that I no longer believe in the purpose of this blog, or that I have reached writer status and don’t need to make an effort to do writerly tasks every day…the corresponding with other writers, the public readings, the writing groups, the submissions. I still think it’s all just as critical to being a writer as I did when I started out. But over the past ten months, I’ve come to appreciate that to be successful, writers really need to do the same thing day in and day out for the most part…and that is write, research, and read. This is not boring to us, but it may be very boring to an audience.  I’ve tried, and I hope I’ve succeeded to some degree, to keep all you kind souls who have jumped on board this ship with me entertained over the past ten months. But now I feel like I’ve become boring. All I want to do is write, research, and read…

Tonight I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel. What writerly thing did I do today…besides write, research, and read? I cut my fingernails. No, seriously…that’s my writerly deed for the day. There’s nothing worse than typing with long nails…at least to me. It really takes the joy out of the physical part of the writing process. I love typing, but only if the pads of my fingers hit home and produce the letters I want. And yet, I always put this simple task off, until I can’t get through one word without misspelling it. So now my nails are so short I couldn’t scratch an itch if my life depended on it!