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The only thing I can report today is that I spent an hour and a half reading about dragons and taking notes. I told my husband as much and he said, “You’re not actually going to tell people that, are you?”

I just laughed at him. Apparently, according to his reaction, some might consider you odd if you spend hours of your time reading about dragons and such. Thank goodness I’m a creative writer and don’t have to worry about people’s opinions; I have license to read about whatever I want and tell people as much. In my world, everything counts as “research.”

Other than that, I spent a little time getting my NorCal Sisters in Crime membership squared away. I have to say that everyone, from Gigi to the President, who I chatted with at the Showcase, to the Membership and Events Chairs who have been helping me, have been nothing but welcoming and helpful.

Now, I feel a free write coming upon me. I’m trying to seize these moments when they strike, so gotta go!