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I thought today I would be reporting that I had registered for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge which starts on July 31st. And I came *this* close. But I’m actually reporting that I did not register.

This particular challenge has four rounds, two of which you definitely participate in. Then if you earn enough points between the two, you advance to the third round. But after some thought, I realized that as much as I enjoyed the Short Story Challenge I don’t have the time and energy for it right now.

I see this as maturity in my writing, and my thinking as a writer. When I participated in the Short Story Challenge it was to work on some specific issues that I have…revising too much, being the primary one. And it served it’s purpose, helping me, not only with my writing issues, but to gain some confidence in my natural writing abilities. However, as much fun as I had, to participate in the upcoming challenge would actually be bad for me as a writer right now…it would be time and energy away from my manuscript. It would also not honor the many story ideas that have been popping into my head right and left these days and which I would rather write (with more than the 1000 words allotted to “flash fiction”), if I do decide to take time and energy away from my novel.

It may seem small but making this very deliberate decision this morning was my great writerly task of the day. In the past I would have jumped at the opportunity to procrastinate and receive immediate gratification, but today I’m keeping my eyes on the real prize, no matter how hard and long the road to it feels some days.