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It’s down to the wire tonight.

This morning I was out of sorts. I thought I would go run around town shopping and doing frivolous things…pedicures, bathing suit shopping, etc. Then I realized that what I needed most was to put my immediate space…my home…in order. By doing so I was able to put myself back in order…at least a bit. Tomorrow we dive back into the remodel.

I didn’t do any writing today. I did go on a long walk and thought about stories…not just the novel I’m trying to finish, but also the book I’ve been thinking about writing, a historical novel I started a long time ago, even my screenplay. I always feel inspired when I walk…and in the mornings. It’s at those moments that I just want to dive into projects, with no care for have-to’s or obligations…while I’m energized and excited. But that’s not always possible. Julia Cameron says you don’t have to be in the mood to write; you just sit your butt down and write and it’ll change your mood. And it’s true. But it’s still nice to do it when the mood strikes and you can run with it.