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Not to sound like a broken record but… During my Morning Pages I was struck with inspiration as to exactly what this blog will morph into this fall. I had an idea yesterday and was excited by it, but I also saw potential issues. Today, the answer became clear. This always happens on the third and final page of the Morning Pages, which I am dubbing my “creative corner.” If you can get through all the crap you dump onto the first two pages and reach the third page, magical things do happen. (Julia Cameron is a genius.) So now that I know what I want to do, I get to have the fun of planning and prepping. And thanks to this blog, I do have a better understanding of how this blogging world works. I’ve expressed it before and I’ll say it again now…I would love for blogging to be a serious, full-time endeavor. I’m not sure it’s the path for me, but I’m willing to walk down it a bit and see.

And…again, not to sound like a broken record… But as I was reading from Gigi Pandian’s book, Artifact, I had the following obvious revelation: I don’t know my main character well enough. Gigi is amazing at interspersing her action and narrative with Jaya’s likes and dislikes, quirks and habits. She doesn’t tell you outright…she shows you, during the action or in between dialogue. And I realized, in order to do this, she knows Jaya very well…she knows that she’s hungry all the time, that she’s always got Indian beats running through her head, that she hates being short or thought of as incapable. I don’t think I know Elle that well. This is a disconcerting revelation but also progress. I’ve done a search and found some great tools for how to get to know your character better…the Proust Questionnaire, the Gotham Questionnaire, and other insightful questions from a few writing sites. Let’s just say that Elle and I are going to have a bonding retreat this weekend.